We believe a well-defined plan adds value, clarity and a great sense of comfort
for everyone involved in your “dream space” project.


Complimentary Discovery Meeting
Our relationship begins with a free discovery meeting at your home to assess your needs, wants and expectations for the project you are contemplating. This meeting provides you the opportunity to meet with us face-to-face and to ask any questions or raise concerns you may have, in order to give you the assurance that we’re the right fit for you and your project. Should you choose to engage with inVision Contracting after this meeting, we will begin to help you realize your dream space with a Project Design Consultation.

Project Design Consultation
This on-site meeting brings together Jim Dubois, Owner of inVision Contracting, and if needed, his architectural design consultant to review your portfolio of ideas and explore a range of design possibilities. This consultation includes a critique of your ideas, possible on-site sketching of design solutions, as well as a discussion of budget, time line and our design/build process. This consultation is billed on an hourly basis.



Preliminary Design Concepts
& Project Feasibility

Our Design Process includes additional conversation with you regarding project requirements, project development and assessment of existing conditions. We will prepare floor plans and building elevations sufficient to convey the basic design intent, while refining the anticipated project budget. Our goal during this phase is to create a conceptual design that includes broad ideas of functionality, aesthetics and investment. All of these elements are roughly shaped at this point. This is where we will discover and define your priorities between creativity, practicality and financial feasibility. This preliminary design work is also billed on an hourly basis.

Full Detailed Project
Development Phase

In this phase we will draw a detailed set of plans, usually for a fixed fee, that are necessary for project estimating and obtaining building permits. These plans are then presented to you for review. When the design is accepted, we will work up a final quote to build your project. After approval we will provide you with a contract, complete with a time line and payment schedule. Once the contract is signed by both you and inVision, your “dream space” project can be created.


This is where the transformation of your “dream space” begins.
We develop a close working relationship with everyone involved in your project, especially you, our client. You take on an integral part in the creation of your dream space. Your role is to finalize your product selections so that we can integrate the order and delivery of these products into our schedule. We understand how overwhelming this selection process can be, so we will work with you to help prioritize this list.

Our construction phase consists of the following:

- Create a project schedule

- Apply for building permits

- Client selection of all products

- Plan for project staffing and resources

- Ordered products for on-time delivery

- Onsite job set-up

- Construction begins

- Meetings and reviews are ongoing

- Job closeout and review